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Photovoltaics (PV) is the direct conversion of sunlight into electrical current, a process known for many years.
With the development of the modern silicon solar cell, light particles which penetrate the cell cause electron activity resulting in the flow of electric current through a circuit, which is how solar cells generate electricity.

The greater the intensity of the light, the more current a solar cell generates. How PV cells work is that the current moves through a series of cells, called modules, to a battery where it is stored. Battery storage assures the user of electricity when needed, day or night. A controller is usually installed between the modules and the battery to prevent overcharging. Linked together, this equipment forms a PV system designed to produce 12 or 24 volts of direct current (DC).

Through use of an inverter the direct current is turned into alternating current (AC), the standard home current with which we're all familiar. DC to AC inverters now provide outputs ranging from 100 to 20,000 watts at conversion efficiencies greater than 90 percent and with cleaner power than the utility company can provide (good to know for those looking to buy electric solar panels).

Any number of solar PV modules can be connected in an array to supply your present load requirements on or off-grid arrangement. The array may be expanded easily by adding modules to meet future power needs. Once installed, the modules are maintenance free. An occasional rinsing is all that is necessary.

PV units can be integrated seamlessly into your

This means you can run your appliances, power equipment, or machinery just as you would at normally. Security comfort and convenience are accessible again, no mater how remote your location. Solar photovoltaic modules have a record of extremely reliable service. For over 25 years they have successfully provided electrical power for long-range space vehicles and permanent space satellites.

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